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PUMA Launch Marseille 18/19 Kits In Epic Video

PUMA Football kick off their new partnership with Marseille in dramatic fashion with an explosive launch video to showcase all three 18/19 jerseys. Riding on a furious wave of new season hype, it's all Mad Max on steroids, captained by a Diego Maradona war cry.

PUMA haven't politely knocked on the front door at Marseille and introduced themselves. Oh, no. They've kicked through the lounge window and put their feet up on the sofa with a swag and confidence that'll fire up the Marseille faithful ahead of the 2018/19 campaign.

Marseille Puma 18 19_0003_LJ1B6343.jpg

This is how you do a kit launch. Yeah they could have just picked out the best two players and taken a couple of nice photos of them wearing the kit at the training ground, that would have worked. But what's the fun in that? Roping in Maradona and a fleet of crazed locals to storm towards the shore in a scene that envisions an oceanic anarchic future makes a damn stronger statement.

The video was produced by Brieuc Dupont and Clément Langlais, and stars international French defender and PUMA athlete Adil Rami whilst also featuring Alonzo, the iconic Marseille born rapper who provides the voiceover.

Marseille Puma 18 19 portrait_0002_LJ1B6337.jpg

With 119 years of history and 32 major trophies to its credit, Marseille have a lot to shout about, and shout they have in this powerful show of ferocity and intent. If that wasn't enough then the inclusion of Maradona caps off an almighty debut showing. 

When PUMA announced the partnership with Olympique de Marseille during their street marketing campaign in March of 2017, they promised they would bring Diego Maradona to the city (this was a reference to him nearly joining the club in 1989, causing mass hysteria with the fans, he has been a legend for them ever since). PUMA have stayed true to this promise and the legend can be spotted arriving on the shores of the city during the video.

Marseille Puma 18 19 portrait_0006_LJ1B6284.jpg

Like the video, the shirts are inspired by the sea. Hues of blue are splashed across the home, away, and third kits for the 2018/19 season as Marseille embark on a domestic and European adventure. Let's hope they arrive by boat to as many away games as possible...


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