Coming at you with bright stripes and punchy spotlights, it's that time of year in which kits start to appear from around the world that offer fresh perspective on football aesthetic. Introducing the Umbro x F.C. Tokyo 2017 home kit.

A game so dominated by what's going on in the western world, it's always refreshing to dip into eastern seas and see what's going down in a part of the world that is only going one way fast in emerging as a footballing powerhouse. Especially when the market demands a different approach to design. 

For clubs in the UK, much is made about the heritage from which a club has built itself. You'll see Manchester Utd using Newton Heath influences and Juventus making note of the Old Lady. Meanwhile in Japan, where F.C. Tokyo is a teenager approaching his 18th Birthday, there's a lot of shapes, patterns and interesting colours that'd only work on a football kit.

Some description

Both approaches are very welcome at a dinner table where every guest may well have a different taste. Stripes, sleeves and popping badge ― it's mid-2000s chic.