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Nike Launch Portugal 2018 Home & Away Shirts

The Champions of Europe will enter the world stage wearing a collection befitting their new regal status this summer. Nike have launched the Portugal replica collection ahead of the World Cup in Russia, headlined by the new home and away shirts.

Inspired by their EURO 2016 success in France, the home shirt delivers a rich red with celebratory splashes of gold to symbolise their achievement in Paris almost two years ago. The away kit is drenched in white and features symbols from the nation's naval history – radiating kinetic green print is inspired by the key points of a compass.

The pre-match jersey continues the powerful themes with a large Portuguese cross, taken from the national flag, dominating the front. Nike have also launched a wider clothing collection to accompany the home and away offerings.

1-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 3-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 8-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 9-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 14-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 12-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 16-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 6-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg
2-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 4-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 11-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 10-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 13-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 15-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 5-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg 7-portugal-2018-shirts-world-cup.jpg

The Portugal home kit drops on March 23, with the away kit following on April 26.


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