New York-based '4 Points FC' were invited to Nike SoHo’s Jersey Suite to design and collect their custom made jerseys ahead of their first match in the Lower East Side. The small-sided team celebrate the multiple neighbourhoods of the city with a squad that's as multicultural as the game itself.

The players of 4 Points FC represent the diversity, power, and dedication required to thrive in NYC and on the field. Their shared heritage spans the globe – from Europe, to Latin America, Jamaica, and beyond. Their creation of 4 Points FC embraces their differences, drawing strength from their distinct skills and cultural upbringings. Their new bespoke Nike uniform is the perfect illustration to their beautiful story.


Team member Joey Sanchez spoke ahead of the team's first fixture; “We all come from different backgrounds and different areas – we’re from Long Island and different parts of the world. As one team you can see how cultures mix together… because we all have different styles of playing.” Teammate Nicolai Andersen couldn’t agree more. “That’s New York,” he says. “The diversity of New York – that’s what we’re about.”

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Making their debut under the orange glow of the Manhattan Bridge, 4 Points FC recorded a 4-3 victory. Job done on the pitch, but it's the communal spirit and culture surrounding the new team that wins every time in a city flourishing with football hype.