Playing in a purely lifestyle sandbox, Nike head to the realm of ‘What If’, creating a home and away option for Germany under their ‘Nike F.C.’ banner.

Germany kits, as most will know, are produced by German brand adidas. But what if Nike got their hands on the licence? It’s an interesting thought, and it’s one that the American brand have taken a look at, creating a home and away option under their lifestyle-oriented Nike F.C. label. If anyone thinks that this is a bit of a cheeky move, it’s one that adidas have been doing for a while now, offering up purely lifestyle jerseys for country that they don’t have partnerships with, most recently for their ‘City Jersey Collection’ with the results more often than not being an excitingly free take on the traditional.

nike fc 6-min.jpg
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And so it is here also for Nike’s Germany kits. The same geometric design is executed across both home and away, with home arriving in a monochromatic black and white look, while the away is given a more vibrant “Atomic Pink/Habanero Red/Melon Tint/Black” look. It’s a template that has been seen before in the Nike F.C. repertoire, and it features an all-over print that reads "Nike Soccer" in many football-playing languages. But setting it away from what’s come before is a bespoke Germany crest, which comes complete with four stars above.

nike fc 2-min.jpg
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The Nike F.C. Germany home & away shirts will be available on from 25 May.