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Nike Launch The Jersey Shop

The football shirt is far more than just a uniform. It's a symbol, an identity, and more so now than ever, a fashion piece. Nike are embracing the rising status of football shirts in lifestyle environments by opening the online doors to their new Jersey Shop – a destination for rare, creative, and limited-edition football shirts.

Football has seamlessly transitioned into alternative lifestyle circles in the past few seasons. From music videos, to fashion runways, to celebrity wardrobes. The elevated status and versatility of the humble football shirt has challenged the way kit designers design. An equally as high emphasis is put on imagining a design off the pitch as there is imagining a shirt on it. That increase hype is what the new Nike Jersey Shop serves.


The football shirt has always guided the game through fashion and music, and 80s & 90s kits will forever resonate, but the retro kit scene has inspired a new-era of modern kits and paved the way for them to flourish away from the white lines of the pitch, football fans or not.

Musicians such as AJ Tracey and MHD, public icons such as Drake, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid have all played their part in the football shirt being accepted away from a stadium scene and now the demand is high. The Nike Jersey Shop embraces that trend by using imagery of the featured shirts in everyday, lifestyle environments paired with part of a casual outfit.


The Nike Jersey Shop aims to showcase Nike's most visually creative shirts from all over the world, irrelevant of club status and size. Mainstream clubs such as Barcelona and PSG feature, but it's the hype surrounding smaller clubs such as South Africa's Kaizer Chiefs, Mexico's América, and Brazil's Corinthians that feel most at home on the Jersey Shop.

Any jersey with a cultural backstory or limited edition tag will sit on the Jersey Shop. From the Corinthians shirt, which features a striking club crest designed by painter Francisco Rebolo, to AIK's limited edition black and white kits that sold out in six minutes. With those sort of numbers, you can expect to see a rise in the limited edition replica game, and the Jersey Shop will be the place to find it.


View the Nike Jersey Shop here.


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