PUMA continue their 2018 replica roll out with the new Ivory Coast home shirt. Owning in orange, the new jersey is designed to reflect the pride and passion of the country as they look ahead towards the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

PUMA called on the help of Afro-trap artist MHD to launch the Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast jerseys, and to highlight the connection between African music & culture, and football. The new shirt is more proof of PUMA's incredible attention to detail when it comes to their African nations, as it incorporates a modern and striking interpretation of the nation’s symbol, the Elephant, into its design.

4-puma-ivory-coast-jersey-min.jpg 6-puma-ivory-coast-jersey-min.jpg
5-puma-ivory-coast-jersey-min.jpg 7-puma-ivory-coast-jersey-min.jpg

This Elephant is a powerful symbol to signify strength, loyalty and assertiveness of the people of Côte d’Ivoire, and will inspire each player and fan that pulls it on. The flag detail on the collar and unmistakable orange of the shirt rekindles memories of the first time fans pulled on the jersey and watched their home heroes on TV, that first World Cup, that first Drogba goal, that first passion.