PUMA & MHD head to Ghana to launch the new 2018 national team home shirt. Designed to reflect the passion, excitement and freedom seen in traditional Ghanian dance, it's a shirt that comes with bespoke identity – a trait typical of PUMA and their partnership with their African nations.

PUMA always bring the pace to the party with their international jerseys. The brand's relationship and understanding of the African nation is deep, and each shirt is designed to represent each respective country and to make the people within those borders feel proud. Once again, it's mission accomplished with the 2018 Ghana home shirt, that incorporates a stylish graphic interpretation of the Ghanaian people’s rhythm, beat and pulse.

5-ghana-puma-jersey-min.jpg 7-ghana-puma-jersey-min.jpg
4-ghana-puma-jersey-min.jpg 6-ghana-puma-jersey-min.jpg

The shirt reverts back to the bold Pan-African yellow and red of the national flag further translating that famous energy and spirit the country brings to their dance. The engineered graphic is centered around the famous Black Star as if the rhythm is emanating from the hearts of the players and is the perfect inspiration for both the players and the fans. A strong element of pride all-round.