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AC Milan 2017/18 adidas Away Shirt

All style, all day. When you blend the adidas stripes with the AC Milan charm, the end product is always going to turn fashion savvy faces. In launching the 17/18 AC Milan away kit, adidas have landed down on the kit release runway with another gem.

Playing for the pride of the city, the AC Milan shirt will always represent much more than most threaded garms. A tailored institution of the game, there are few kits that stand with more prestigious esteem. Taking this rich white pearl on the road, kitted with a powerful red and black trim, it's one that will stand strong. A feast of creative good, this shirt has a minimalist finish but it's in the detail where it begins to dance. 

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Notice the three stripes that run down each flank. Their red, black, red finish puts the iconic AC colours alongside one another and pop off the white base. Then the taping around the collar and cuffs, not to mention the Italian flag that sits pretty on the reverse of the shirt. It's a flavour sensation that doesn't shout  it swags.

Some description
Some description

Nothing over the top, it's the perfect compliment to the 2017/18 AC Milan home shirt.

Get the adidas AC Milan 2017/18 Away Shirt here.


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