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AC Milan 16/17 Home by adidas

There are certain rules in life that cannot be broken. One of those is the rule of stripes which an AC Milan shirt simply cannot drop. With the might of adidas behind them, the 16/17 AC home shirt is another dream laden pinstriped number that has more class than a marble floored mansion.

Stripping back any superfluous detail, this addition to the world of football kits comes from a house of appreciated minimalism. A strong all black v-neck collar that blends into those famous vertical red and black stripes, it's an enchanting shirt that wins around the seam. A single red stripe around the cuffs keeps things cool while the vertical stripes descend into positive madness at the bottom of the shirt.

Some description

Inspiration from the shirt comes from a definition outlined by club founder and creator, Herbert Kilpin, "Our colors are red, because we're going to be a team of devils, and black, like the fear our opponents will feel." Taking this and running with it, the design was developed from this initial vision highlighting a special dripping graphic where the bright red colour fades into black.

Sheer sophistication all round, the pops of white from the adidas logo and three stripes that run down each flank of the shirt. A beautiful instalment of cultured football. Of course it would come from Italy.

You can pick one up here.


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