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Ajax 17/18 Away by adidas

A head turner that is positively crayola cray cray, Ajax have unveiled their new away kit for the 17/18 season. Not one to disappoint, it's got all the shapes, all the moves and all the flavour you'd expect from one of Europe's most lively cities.

European nights in one of these? Hell yes. If there's one shirt that's well known across the footballing landscape it's that of Ajax. Brilliantly twisting the norm with next seasons' away shirt however, it has clearly offered a space for expression where Ajax and adidas are concerned. Placed on a clean cut of a base shirt, it's striped on the shoulders and the neck is rounded to give a casual style. Popping with graphics though, that's where this one earns it's keep. Strong and confident shapes, they'll take this on their travels well and certainly won't go unnoticed.

Some description
Some description

Saying ta ta to the cliched pancakes and reaching for the knickabock of all kinds of glory, this design may be vocal but it's thought out all the same - Matching the base pattern, the cuffs add a subtle shaped touch and complete the deal. A fine serving delicious cray - why go mild when you can go wild. We approve.


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