As the season draws to it's colourful close, the sprinkling of 17/18 kits from up and down the land begin to drop. With clubs looking to build that excitement heading into the summer, Bristol City are one of those that has grabbed the moment and painted it a tropical 'Purple and Lime'.

In 1994 Bristol City beat Liverpool at Anfield in an FA Cup replay that still lives long in the memory of the West Country faithful. It's up for debate whether the win on that day or the kit worn are what serve as the most treasured memory as in classic mid-nineties form, the kit was wild, shape heavy and quite simply, sensational. Naturally an underdog win at a time where Liverpool were at the top of their game is of note but still, what a kit to do it in. It was a time in which football kit design was unconventionally bold and refused to adhere to any sort of fashion focus, as you can see below.

Taking those memories and reworking them once more with a contemporary finish, the 17/18 season will see Bristol City suit up on the road with easily the brightest kit across the country. A straight up eye burning head turner of delights, it's most definitely out there - as modelled below by tattoo'd gents, Aden Flint and Marlon Pack respectively.

Some description
Some description

Made independently by their own in-house manufacturer, Bristol Sport - they are in a land of their own. No templates to adhere to, no rules to play by. Dazzling.

Photography by Bristol City Football Club, Bristol Sport and JMP_UK