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Olympique Lyonnais 17/18 Home Shirt by adidas

Tidy. With finesse and grandeur, Olympique Lyonnais have released their 17/18 home shirt by adidas as the domestic season comes to a close. A kit of sheer minimalism, it's one that will travel well where the pitch is concerned as well as the pub.

Naturally, the staple colour of the Lyon home kit is traditionally white, though with the punching and popping reds and blues there's plenty to catch the eye. For 17/18 adidas have taken a tailored approach to serve up a shirt that hits simplicity for six and has no look pass written all over. No fuss whatsover, the white base is prominent all over the shirt and the placement of the bannered colours across the torso allows for the sponsor to sit comfortably.

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In doing so the cut of the shirt is what grabs the attention. Both the cuffs and the collar, of which is in v-neck formation, give a crafted edge and cut clean lines. The only other colours on the shirt come in the shape of the club badge and the adidas logo - again both popping nicely, they call out the eyes with a subtle nod and distraction is not an issue. Fine tuning a classic that gives off clean and contemporary vibes - it's a sharp number all round.


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