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Storelli x Nowhere FC EURO BodyShield Collection

Joining the EURO 2016 party at their own pace, Brooklyn based trailblazers Storelli have teamed up with New York curators Nowhere FC once more for a limited run of European inspired BodyShield pieces.

In another strong link up between two complimentary curators following their first collaboration earlier this year, Storelli and Nowhere Football Concierge, a multi-disciplinary creative studio, have transformed the Bodyshield collection into a series of primitive, hand-dyed, battle-flags, using colors reflecting familiar faces of the Euros: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Wales, England, Germany, Iceland and Sweden.

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Embracing the swell that has come from custom culture, each piece is finished with a woven "touring" badge in the shape of a mini shield or flag, reflecting graphics from the heraldry of Nowhere Football Club, and commemorating the many supporters and independent clubs on tour for the games. The collaborative collection is extremely limited, with just 36 pieces traveling across the globe to people with strong ties to those 9 nations, Storelli and Nowhere FC.

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Continuing to take football protection into fresh places, it's another characterful collaboration born from free-thinking football. We're into it.


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