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Storelli x Fly Nowhere BodyShield

As Storelli continue to fight a strong battle in the world of protection, they have collaborated with Nowhere FC to offer a fresh line of sight that comes from a creative angle.

'Football Concierge' is a notable strong hold of free-thinking football that has helped swell the under-current of cool with the likes of Flynowhere, Nowhere FC and Football Cafe. Inspiring kit customisation and taking the football shirt as we know it to fresh places, it's this space that Storelli embraced in trailblazing style.

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Inviting Nowhere FC to take free reign over the Storelli BodyShield, they have taken a piece of performance protection wear that is ruthlessly engineered under the hood and given it a melting pot of paint in coating the surface. It makes for a product of charming character.

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A strong link up between two complimentary curators, this is a one off, but could well lead to more collaborative places. Storelli are continuing to push football into ever expanding places and we're well into that. Nicely done.

Photography by Sam Maller


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