As Wembley welcomed us under its gargantuan arch, we headed towards the light to take a closer look at the freshly dropped England home kit by Nike.

From distance, it's minimalist tones are notable. A sharp number, it's one that only really encompasses all emotions when it is in a tactile radius. Beautiful up close, on the eyes as well as in hand, this is a revolutionary bit of kit that is engineered with multi-layers of might. When it stretches it glows, when static it shines.

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A strong white that is flanked by bold blues and shoulders of a lighter shade, it has been crafted around Nike's 'AeroSwift' technology. The lightest shirt to date, it's fundamentals are based around speed while it's aesthetic is all about the detail. 'Three' is on one cuff, 'Lions' on the other, it takes into consideration a rolled up sleeve if you're partial to that look while the badge, is all about texture. A fabric that sits underneath the printed blues, it's perhaps the finest symbol of it's purity. Better still, if you were to turn the shirt inside out, on the reverse of the badge sits a tonal rose. The heart of the nation, plenty of pride and a right dollop of design.

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Naturally, critics will argue over the aesthetic or in turn the price. Regardless, it's worth getting up close with one of these, a feast on the eyes a carrier of hope in the minds.

The need for Euro 2016 merch on the rise? Pick your kit, here. 24th March is when this one drops.