Nike roll out the England away kit for the 2018 World Cup in traditional red for the Three Lions to descend on Russia. Drenched in the immortalised red of '66 and finished with symbolic detailing, it's sharp with graphic game.

Yeah, it might look plain red like any England shirt from yesteryear, but on closer inspection the Nike 2018 England away shirt is sophisticatedly intricate. A two-tone red hugs the body of the kit, but it's the dominant tonal graphic depicting a modern St. George’s Cross that stands strong.


The two-tone stripes evoke speed to reflect the youthful wave of talent that is taking over the English football scene right now. England will head to Russia looking relocate the success of the youth teams in 2017 – a tournament that can turn prospects into legends. White shorts are met with red socks to finish the look. Don't know about you, but we're all over this. Beautifully England.


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