After the Lionesses finally brought it home, next up it’s the turn of the England men’s team, who will head to Qatar in a couple of months with hopes high and a new wardrobe, including the new home and away shirts, courtesy of Nike.

Ready for the first ever winter World Cup, which is set to be hosted in Qatar this year (as if you didn't know that already), Nike have unveiled new home and away kits for its federations, and now, following the nation's period of mourning, we get England. Both designs pull strongly on the 90s era, while remaining progressive in their nature. Will wee see the men's team replicate the effort of the Lionesses in these? Big ask...

england 4-min.jpg
england 9-min.jpg

Both shirts arrive in the brand’s new authentic Vaporknit template, complete with new knit pattern and in use by most Swoosh-adorned club’s across the globe. The home shirt takes on a "White/Blue Fury/Blue Void" colour scheme with a classic white base that's topped off with a gradient from dark blue to light blue on the sleeves. It's a look that evokes memories of Italia '90 and Euro '96. The iconic "Blue Void" colouring on the shoulders features aggressive angles and lines to replicate claw marks. 

For the away, it's back to red, but the design is dominated by a traditional collar, which is navy and features a sky blue graphic around the edge – proper Italia '90 and no mistaking it. Pop that collar and there's a Three Lions graphic that stands out as a nice finishing touch.

An extended clothing collection featuring both performance and lifestyle pieces is also set to be dropped in support of the kits.

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The England 2022 home and away kit is available at