Buoyed by the retention of the FA Cup, the Gunners are preparing to reveal their upcoming home kit for the new season. While most brands and clubs choose to highlight their players and the product on the field whenever a new product is coming out, Puma and Arsenal are wanting the fans to take center stage.

Arsenal pay tribute to their loyal supporters by showing what it means to be a Gooner in the build-up to the release of the new home kit. PUMA have labelled the build-up video "Powered by Fans" and underlines the importance of the fans and the integral role they play in inspiring the performance of the players, a subject Olivier Giroud touches on int he film. PUMA and Arsenal will finally reveal their new home kit on Monday June 15th at the Emirates Stadium, where a number of current and ex-players including Thierry Henry will be present.

A live stream of the event will be shown on www.puma.com/arsenal from 21.30 BST/20.30 GMT until 22.00 BST/ 21.00GMT.