Adding some serious clout to their kit launch, Arsenal and PUMA hooked up once more to host an evening of celebration energised by fans.

FA Cup record holders Arsenal opened up the gates to host a party down at The Emirates hosted in part by Thierry Henry and Gilles Peterson. Pulling in a victorious crowd to bring home proceedings, Arsenal and PUMA linked up here offering that slice of taste to the game that turns up both on and off the pitch culture.

Tomáš Rosický, Danny Welbeck, Hector Bellerin, Santi Cazorla and Nacho Monreal were on hand to model the kit while spirits were high, fans and players still riding that wave after the win at Wembley.

Looking forward, this is the kit in which the team and fans alike will be wearing with the title in their sights. We caught up with Hector Bellerin ahead of the kit launch. A man of style as featured in Issue 3 of the SoccerBible magazine, it seemed only right we got this taste makers' thoughts on the latest shirt he'll be wearing.

So Hector, fresh from a short break, what are your first impressions of the kit?

"I think it's really nice, obviously we've got to keep the red and white and it's' got some really nice features like the collar, the gold lining and the fit. I think people are really going to like it. Last year the kit was a bit more simple but this year, the collar is probably the feature that changes the game. The club always ask the players about the style and the fit, how it looks matter and I wouldn't change much about it at all. It looks really good on us aswell"

How about off the pitch, do you think it can look just as good off it as on?

"Yeah people could definitely wear this casually. People always like to wear the shirt, not just for the games but after big wins and I think it's going to look really good on the fans."

Does the captain still decide whether you'll be wearing short or long sleeves?

"Yeah that's still the case, at Arsenal we always like the whole squad to be wearing the same. In other teams some players will play with short sleeves and others will play with long sleeves but here everyone is the same."

Do you tend to keep your shirts?

"Yeah I keep mine. I always try to keep them for my friend and my family especially after big venues and big days. When I play against my friends I always try to exchange their shirts with them also."

If you had one player who you could swap a shirt with, who would it be?

"I have to go for the easy one. Probably Messi - having a shirt of his hanging in your room would be something else."

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Something that comes pretty naturally to this king of speed, a face of the new kit, it's clearly gone well with the players. Naturally, we asked Hector to sign a copy of our latest issue which we'll be giving away in due course. Watch this space.

The 2015/16 Arsenal home kit by PUMA will go on sale, along with a full collection of fan wear from 25th June. You can pre-order it now from various stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer.