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UEL & Shakhtar Donetsk FC Unite For Community Building Through Fanware Design

Tapping into the unifying power of football, The University of East London (UEL) and Shakhtar Donetsk FC came together recently for a campaign that highlighted social justice and community building through fanwear design.

Football has the ability to cross borders and boundaries in a way that can only be admired. It’s a quality that’s shared with the world of fashion, both cultures boasting a universal language that is rarely restricted, and often promoted. Bringing these two worlds together in a tangible sense, an inspiring collaboration between the University of East London (UEL) and Shakhtar Donetsk FC recently took place. The unique event celebrated the synergy between football and fashion, emphasising their shared value of supporting youth change makers and creating communities.

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The unexpected collaboration was centred around the idea of community, and it saw a community showcase at UEL’s Sports Dock facilities as well as a friendly 5-a-side football match between Hackney Laces and children from Donetsk Oblast.

The event saw University of East London’s BA (Hons) Fashion Design students teaming up with Shakhtar Donetsk FC to create a fan wear capsule collection. This project underscored the potential of football and fashion to bring people together, promoting social justice, creativity, and community solidarity. Ka Wai Lam, UEL Fashion Design Lecturer who led the project, said, “This collaboration harnesses the power of sports and fashion to champion values such as human wellbeing, community support, and sustainable practices.

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The partnership between UEL and Shakhtar Donetsk FC went beyond fashion, focusing on raising awareness and funds for humanitarian causes. Dr. Debbie Weekes-Bernard, London’s Deputy Mayor for Communities and Social Justice, praised the initiative: “It’s fantastic that UEL’s Fashion Design course are partnering with the Ukrainian football club Shakhtar Donetsk FC to creatively inspire young people and raise awareness of support for Ukrainian people. London students will work together to use the power of fashion and sport to promote sustainability and social justice in a wonderful showcase. By harnessing the energy, imagination and insight of young Londoners, this opportunity demonstrates how fashion and sport can have a meaningful impact on society as we build a better London for all.”

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Yuri Sviridov, FC Shakhtar’s Director of Strategic Development and Communications, said, “During the last 4 months of intense work, we had a chance to meet so many talented young designers representing different cultures from around the globe. They delivered impressive creative ideas for FC Shakhtar's off-the-pitch collection. Such collaboration between UEL and FC Shakhtar has huge potential in future, so we expect to develop further our beneficial partnership.

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