Continuing to strengthen the virtuous aspect of their partnership, AC Milan and Off-White have collaborated with Fondazione Milan (AC Milan’s charity foundation) on the refurbishment of a small multi-purpose sports centre in the underserved Milan suburb of Gratosoglio — and in releasing a limited-edition “I SUPPORT SPORT FOR CHANGE” t-shirt to support the initiative.

AC Milan and Off-White launched a partnership late last year that saw the fashion and lifestyle brand installed as the club’s official style and culture curator, and the pair haven’t looked back since. The partnership was about more than just off pitch uniforms and a stylish swagger in the build up to a game though, equally focusing on shared values and a commitment to positive change. Upon the announcement, it was said that the collaboration would also include community activations and projects to support Fondazione Milan, AC Milan’s charity foundation, with an ambitious program that will expand from Milan to the world, and now we get a prime example of their influence and the use the power of sport to generate positive change with news that they are refurbishing a small multi-purpose sports centre in the underserved Milan suburb of Gratosoglio.

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Located at the Maria Madre della Chiesa Parish in Gratosoglio, on the southern periphery of the Italian city, the renovated center is imagined as a multi-use youth sport space. Comprising two 5-a-side football pitch, basketball court, and volleyball court, it aims to provide the community with a stable and structured area for social integration and inclusion. Notably, the center leverages sport as a powerful tool for social integration and inclusion. The activities it hosts offer the neighborhood’s youth and the entire community the opportunity to develop a strong sense of collective identity and belonging, as well as cultivate positive, long-lasting relationships.

To both celebrate and support the initiative, Off-White and AC Milan have created a limited-edition t-shirt and complementary campaign featuring Davide Calabria and Divock Origi from the AC Milan men’s team as well as Laura Giuliani and Lindsey Thomas from the AC Milan women’s team.

Black with red writing, the t-shirt declares “I SUPPORT SPORT FOR CHANGE” across its chest, with a hybrid AC Milan and Off-White logo under the center collar, the iconic AC Milan diavolo mascot on the back and all proceeds from the t-shirt’s sale returning to Fondazione Milan for their Sport For Change program.

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The limited-edition AC Milan and Off-White t-shirt is available only on, with 100% of proceeds donated to Fondazione Milan.