Already glimpsed ahead of the Milan derby, AC Milan have now officially unveiled their second off-pitch Uniforms – formal and informal – from Off-White, and champion amongst the collection is a new varsity jacket.

AC Milan and Off-White are now in to year two of their partnership, and as with last year’s original collection, this season’s follow up sees the new uniforms — formal and informal — designed for members of both the women’s and men’s AC Milan sides, with variations in tailoring and fit adapted to the respective teams. Both collections once again scramble traditional football and sport motifs, reimagining them with Off- WhiteTM house codes and cultural and subcultural influences.

As with last year's, the partnership’s greater aims also explicitly appear throughout its designs via a red tag that adorns the left cuff of all jackets.

The Summer uniform debuts with a field jacket subverted by patch pockets on the chest; statement tags, including one attached to the sleeve declaring the player’s uniform number; and an Off-White logo that takes the place of a pocket square. Matching suit-style pants introduce a relaxed fit. The collection’s all-black Formal suit, meanwhile, nods to deep football traditions with an idiosyncratic twist: a classic double-breasted jacket is combined with matching pants in the same relaxed style. “Player” appears on the back of the jacket.

milan 2-min.jpg
milan 4-min.jpg

Then we get into the real business, with the champion of the informal look, the varsity jacket. Crafted combining leather and wool, it introduces graphic patches, including Off- WhiteTM diagonal on the right sleeve, “OW” and “M” varsity letters on the body, the AC Milan diavolo mascot on the back, and various other thematic patches.

The wider collection also includes a complementary grey hoodie and t-shirt with similar motifs alongside a range of accessories, spanning a rolling transparent pvc suitcase with co-branded stickers, a hand pouch, two keychains, two traditional football scarves, and a phone cover.

milan 5-min.jpg
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The Off-White x AC Milan capsule collection is available starting 22 September, 2023, (with the Varsity jacket available for pre-order) on and, as well as at the Off-White Via Verri flagship in Milan.