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adidas Celebrates US World Cup Players With Series Of Murals

Ahead of their opening World Cup game next Monday, adidas has revealed a series of murals that honour USMNT players Weston McKennie, Gio Reyna, and Jesus Ferriera, celebrating their stories as they represent an essential aspect of American athleticism.

With less than one week to go, all eyes are on the build up to the World Cup, and adidas have taken the opportunity to shine the spotlight on three of its stars from the USMNT in Weston McKennie, Gio Reyna, and Jesus Ferriera. The brand has commissioned murals of the three athletes with a series of murals that speak to their background and how they show up for the US and their community. Every athlete is playing for something more than just to win, and the murals capture the potential to inspire future generations as they build towards the FIFA World Cup 2026.

Weston McKennie

mural 14-min.jpg
mural 15-min.jpg

As a versatile midfielder, Weston McKennie represents the American spirit of determination and teamwork. Designed by JEKS ONE, his mural is located in Dallas, Texas in the Bishops Art District at 938 W Davis Street. The painting illustrates McKennie’s signature celebratory pose, which inspires children of Dallas to see the possibilities of making it on to the world’s biggest stage. As an ode to his military family, the illustrated American flag signifies his country and represents its service members.

mural 13-min.jpg

Gio Reyna

mural 4-min.jpg
mural 5-min.jpg

When Gio Reyna takes the pitch in Qatar, he’ll be representing more than just his country, he’ll be representing a legacy – as both his parents previously represented the United States at the FIFA World Cup. To bring his story to life, mural artist Drew Merritt included specific design features such as a four leaf clover for Gio’s mother, Danielle Egan, who formerly represented the US on the women’s team. The mural also includes lavender and ceibo floral illustrations, which are the national flowers of Portugal and Argentina, respectively, to represent his heritage. Gio Reyna’s mural is located in his home state New York at 7302 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY.

mural 7-min.jpg
mural 6-min.jpg

Jesus Ferriera

mural 10-min.jpg
mural 9-min.jpg

Jesus Ferreira always shows up for his fans and his fans always show up for him. Ferreira’s mural is designed by Jeremy Biggers and located in Five Mile Creek of Dallas, Texas at 3287 S Polk Street. His illustration communicates the idea of support by depicting him celebrating a goal alongside the communities he represents. The FC Dallas logo also pays tribute to Ferreira’s MLS team which his father David Ferreria played for previously.

mural 11-min.jpg
mural 12-min.jpg

The USMNT begin their World Cup campaign Monday, 21 November against Wales. 

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