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The Dial Up #21 | Weston McKennie

From football to soccer, Weston McKennie’s journey has certainly been an eventful one. As the American’s stock continues to rise on the pitch following his recent switch to Juventus, his stature off the pitch grows in tandem. Picking up for the latest episode of the Dial Up, we talk about his beginnings in the game, that big move, and the change he’d like to see in the future.

Having spent time in Germany growing up, Weston McKennie’s transition to Schalke was a relatively easy one; it was that period of his young life that pointed him towards his future as a footballer after all. But now he finds himself in new territory, rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest in the game in Serie A, not that you’d know it from the way he’s taken to life in Turin – every day being taken in his ever-confident stride. Easy to forget he’s still only 22.

From taking Europe by storm to becoming a role model in the fight for equality, taking on the responsibility of speaking for those that aren’t able to be heard, McKennie is mature beyond his years. While Ronaldo may have taken the headlines in Juve’s recent win over Barcelona in the Champions League, it was McKennie's performance that stole the plaudits. With a growing influence both on and off the pitch, this is a player and person that you’re going to hear a lot more about in the coming years.

Sitting down to chat with him for the Dial Up – our recurring series that lifts the lid on the personal side of the superstars we watch week in, week out – McKennie talks all about his journey to date, from the difficulties of picking between football and soccer, to the reality of moving to Juventus, as well as speaking about his recent video with adidas and how he would like to see the game change in the future.

What I do on the field may not have a big impact, but that’s why what I do off the field is also so important. I can say that I’m part of the movement and that I want change and then not do anything about it. There’s two different things; there’s saying, then there’s doing.”
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“Pirlo said ‘I like the type of player you are. We have many games this season and you will play.’ I was just like, oh my gosh. First of all I have Pirlo’s number and I’m talking to him on the phone, then I thought that my teammates could be Cristiano Ronaldo, Aaron Ramsey, Douglas Costa...”

Watch the full interview with Weston McKennie on IGTV.

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