To celebrate the launch of the X Speedportal, adidas put on an event in London centred around one of the… most unique concepts you’re likely to come across: that of floating six metre high cartoon Mo Salah and Vivianne Miedema heads across the capital, demanding that London ballers prove they have multi-dimensional speed.

If you were in or around the Croyden area in London yesterday you may have been greeted by a weird sight… that of giant animated floating Mo Salah and Viv Miedema heads. It was all part of adidas’s latest event, promoting the recently released X Speedportal, which was launched with the help of a marketing campaign that was centred around Adult Swim’s multi-dimension-hopping heroes, Rick and Morty. If you’re unfamiliar with that, check out he video below...

The heads, which were created utilising the animations of both players from their appearance in the ad, were positioned at Market Road pitches in Camden, where a selection of London’s best ballers competed in live speed and skill challenges, and 7-aside matches, under the watchful eye of former England international, Jermaine Defoe.

The event was inspired by the hit Rick and Morty episode, “Get Schwifty”, where a giant floating head appears in the sky demanding to see Earth’s greatest talents. The floating heads of Salah and Miedema, which are larger than a double decker bus appeared demanding to see multidimensional speed from footballers across London.

Players who showcased multidimensional speed heard the phrase “I like what you got!” from the heads, and they were rewarded with a free pair of X Speedportal boots. The inflatables will be visible throughout the day and may likely appear in future locations…

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