Reports have risen suggesting that adidas Football kits will feature the brand’s new performance logo from the 2022 World Cup. The logo was unveiled in March as part of adidas’s 2025 ‘Own The Game’ strategy.

Potentially big change on the horizon for the identity of one of the biggest sports brands on the planet, with adidas set to switch up their logo from next year. Originally unveiled in March, the Three Stripes will begin transitioning to their new ‘Performance’ logo, which features the iconic mountain emblem without the adidas brand name, with the brand’s 2022 World Cup kits reportedly set to be the first to display the logo in football.

The idea is for a more streamlined presentation, and yet again another move that makes the club’s branding more friendly to social media platforms and the digital age that we find ourselves in. Let’s not kid ourselves here though, they’ve just taken away the word ‘adidas’ – hardly a revolution, but it’s been in its current iteration since 1997, when it was created for the launch of the adidas EQT range, taking over from the Trefoil logo and designed to convey the idea of overcoming challenges and pursuing your goals no matter what.

So where does the change leave the current performance logo as it is? Well, adidas never gives up the older versions of its logos, and so the traditional mountain emblem featuring the adidas brand name beneath will be used for a new ‘Sportswear’ line of lifestyle product, while the Originals logo will exclusively represent iconic cultural product from the adidas archive. A simple switch up all round to represent a new era for the brand.

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Eyes out for the adidas 2022 World Cup kits next year then...