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Framed #80 | AIK vs Djurgårdens

The next destination on our Framed series takes us to Scandinavia’s biggest rivalry. A bucket list fixture of pure intensity. Stockholm is a hidden hotbed of cultured football, and AIK are a fresh-thinking club doing it right in every sense.

Known as the “Tvillingderbyt” (or Derby of the Twins) since the clubs were both founded in 1891, just three weeks apart, AIK hosted their cross city rivals, Djurgårdens, for the first time this season and showed the absolute definition of home advantage to pull off a convincing 2-0 victory.

Both sets of fans claiming to be Sweden’s biggest club, with divided cultures and geographical representations – this game is tribal, and the pride at stake triggered 24 hours of pure emotion. Our man @artbyesse put himself on the front line to capture the scenes.


Inside the stadium everything about AIK on match day should trigger envy in any supporter of the Premier League. Beers on the standing terraces, controlled pyrotechnics and tifos, cheap ticket prices for kids, and what does all this generate? An immense cauldron of noise and passion.

This atmospheric explosion happens naturally, you can’t force it. Proof that if you treat your fans right, you’ll reap all the rewards. The club have curated an environment for fans to enjoy themselves, to breathe life into their stadium, and it works damn well.

Officials of Premier League clubs should take one visit to AIK. To see that forced singing sections, ridiculously over-priced tickets and over the top safety rules are sucking the life out of English football. AIK have a recipe for enjoyment, they prioritise putting the fun into match day, and the next-generation of supporters look after themselves.

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tall10-aik-framed.jpg 57-aik-framed.jpg
54-aik-framed.jpg 63-aik-framed.jpg
55-aik-framed.jpg 62-aik-framed.jpg

AIK are a club massively on-point right now. A club that embraces the finer details of supporting a football team. Together with Nike they’ve created limited edition home and away shirts, and given their fans the strongest and sharpest of identities. This is real football, by a real club, with real people listening and delivering for their community and supporters, not customers.

If that mean-looking black home kit isn’t enough to get on board with, then take it from us – AIK are on the rise, putting Stockholm on the footballing map with unsung signature style.

Photography by @artbyesse for SoccerBible.


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