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Score Draw Release The England 1990 Heritage Collection

It’s time to start getting ready for football coming home, and to help on that front Score Draw has released its England 1990 Heritage Collection, which brings back England’s greatest football shirt trilogy of all-time, with a special twist.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 12 months (and given the events of the world in that time we wouldn’t blame you) then you should know that Euro 2020 is only just over a month away (that’s right, it’s 2021 and yet we’re only now getting Euro 2020 – told you it’s been a crazy year, but bet you're glad you're not under a rock anymore, right?) And with that summer festival of football in mind, it’s about time to get all delirious and nostalgic, ready for when football (finally) comes home. Thankfully, the good folk at Score Draw are on hand to help us all out on that front, as they launch the England 1990 Heritage Collection.

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The 90s were heralded by Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma, New Order’s World in Motion and Italia ’90, and with it came the England team, dressed out in three of the most iconic kits in history. Rarely does a set of shirts capture an era so completely, but the England Italia '90 shirts do so and then some. 

Now, Score Draw, on behalf of the Football Association, are celebrating these three jerseys – the red, white and blue – with a euphoric England 1990 Mash-Up shirt of original fabrics and embellishments. And that's not all. That shirt is complemented by two distinctive England 1990 Track Jackets and a Training Tee, which together will complete the ‘SD90’ capsule and a what is a retro-fuelled wardrobe that's ready for this summer.

The mash up shirt features a unique design inspired by the RAF target that adorned our Spitfires, emblematic of English guile and courage, and stylishly adopted by the Sixties Mods of Carnaby Street. Score Draw pay homage to the geometric patterns with their unique shard-like collage, hand-sewn and embroidered with ‘the Three Lions’.

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