Nike have unveiled a new vision for global football, and its been heralded by a new short film, titled "The Land of New Football”, which highlights the absence of boundaries in the game, and its inherently inclusive nature. Nike is investing in the future of football, articulating three distinct visions: a connected world, a greener world, and an innovative world.

The "The Land of New Football” short film focuses on empowering and uniting football players, helping them to realise their collective power to create a new version of the game. It features athletes like Marcus Rashford, Pernille Harder, Sara Däbritz, Richarlison, Azeem Amir and Natalia Gaitán, as well as Nike’s community partners, Football Beyond Borders and Alesia FC. Pioneers of the game, such as JJ Robles and Lorenzo Greer "Tekkerz Kid” are also featured. But the film is just the beginning.

Nike sees the endless possibilities contained within the simple power of the game. Their vision acknowledges that football’s future is full of talent, stacked with players who bring incredible skills to the game. It’s inclusive, open to all backgrounds in support of young players finding joy in the sport. It’s aware of the power of collective work against systemic obstacles. 

There are three ways Nike is mapping out football's new landscape. Firstly they see a Connected World, which is represented, for example, through work they have done with Liverpool Football Club Foundation, partnering to create Game On, a grassroots sports program for underrepresented kids, specifically from Black and Asian communities.

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Then there’s the Greener World, an easy-to-see approach from Nike, particularly evident in the sustainable approach to their kits this season. Federation and club kits in 2021 are made with up to 100 percent recycled polyester. And finally there’s the Innovative World, which sits at the very core of the brand; creating product that challenges possibilities for how the game can be played.

A distinct three-pronged approach that shows Nike’s continuing involvement in the continuing evolution of the game.

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