In celebrating a new dawn for the adidas Originals EQT line, the brand have released a short film that documents the background, evolution and legacy that have come to form the head turning titan that is the 'Equipment' series. Introducing, 'Only the Essentials'.

An inspiring piece of story telling that crunches the concrete from early doors as the beginning lifts off from the early 1990s. The film breaks down those components and circumstances that led to the conception of the EQT. Stripping the style back to fundamental basics at a time when adidas needed a fresh lease of life, the introduction of the EQT was something of a revolutionary introduction. There was a spirit of liberation that swept across Germany after the fall of the Berlin wall and and the EQT line was at the heart of a cultural movement that took streetwear and lifestyle as well as performance to outstanding places.

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The film goes on a journey through the legacy of the EQT series through three decades since its incarnation and moving from the fundamental EQT green to today's 'Turbo Red', it shows how this landmark line has dropped back in, more contemporary than ever, injecting a new colourway into the mix while they're at it. A real piece of craftsmenship, both visually in the shape of this film, then aesthetically by way of the footwear, this is a new chapter for the three stripes that continue to redefine the future whilst celebrating a glorious history. "Everything that is essential. Nothing that is not." Huge.

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