In collaboration with Pepsi MAX, triple-threat actor/director/rapper Idris Elba has today released his first short film directorial debut “Unstoppable”.

The short football film, also written by Elba, takes a brief detour into the 1970's, a golden age for international football, following a stereotypical school nerd as he negotiates the gauntlet of the school playing field. The film explores the hidden-talents within all of us and features football skills expert Zach Hamilton. The short film is set to and inspired by the latest hit from Dutch producer and DJ heavyweight, R3HAB featuring singer Eva Simons. Unstoppable was released today as the third track on the Pepsi® MAX Beats of the Beautiful Game album.

Pepsi Max's 'Beats of the Beautiful Game' is an exclusive collection of 11 anthemic songs and companion short films that capture the international spirit, sights and sounds of the world’s most popular game – football. Other directors producing shorts include Spike Lee & Diego Luna.