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Comme Des Garcons & Nike Create Two Fashion-Inspired Premier

Taking the crossover of football and fashion to all new heights (approximately 3cm in fact), the creatives that are Commes Des Garçons have crossed borders once again to bring us a Nike Premier football boot with a difference…

The influence of football has become a common sight in the fashion world, with jersey culture in particular invading the catwalks of the world with a startling regularity. But now French fashion label Comes Des Garçons have taken that cross over in a new direction, bringing the humble football boot into the scene. Working with Nike, they have produced two new Nike Premier football boots – the silo that Nike markets for the no nonsense footballer. Ironic then as the Nike x CDG HO21 Premier only comes with one outsole type – forget your firm ground or soft ground, this is high heel only.

premier 5-min.jpg
premier 7-min.jpg

Yep, you read that right. The Nike x CDG Premier comes equipped with a three centimetre high heel. Available in a traditional choice of either white or black, the upper is a faithful recreation of the regular Premier football boot, so you get that plush leather with strong stick lines through the vamp, and that large Swoosh dominating the sides, in a contrasting white or black, depending on the base colour.

However unusual this creation may be, it is actually not the first time a football boot/high heel shoe hybrid has been created, with Italian high fashion women's clothing and accessory brand Miu Miu boasting a range of premium signature slip on heels that combine sports archetypes and feminine tropes. But as Miu Miu is a subsidiary of Prada, you can expect to pay accordingly if you did fancy yourself in a pair of those.

premier 8-min.jpg
premier 9-min.jpg
premier 6-min.jpg
premier 10-min.jpg
premier 12-min.jpg
premier 13-min.jpg

Sadly no news on whether the Nike x CDG Premier will actually retail, but if you fancy a pair of Miu Miu's for the imminent return of football, then you can grab them here. Just stick to the black colourway, yeah? Don't want to get targeted on the pitch for being too flamboyant... Modern football, eh?

Daniel Jones

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