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AIK Tease Special 130th Anniversary 2021 Kit

Purveyors of constant cool, AIK are celebrating their 130th anniversary this year, and you didn’t really believe that the club that has brought us some of the sleekest special edition shirts in recent years would let the occasion pass, did you? Of course you didn’t. And they've now teased an imminent drop of what is being called the CXXX kit.

It’s not every year that you turn 130, and so it seems that AIK look set to do what AIK do, teasing what must be an imminent drop of a new shirt that looks to celebrate the club’s anniversary in some serious style. Looking to be dressed in more sublime sleekness for the special season ahead, the Swedish side have given glimpses of a black and gold number, referred to as ‘CXXX’, while Pro:Direct Soccer have shown what looks to be a very luxurious, and yet mysterious, presentation box.

AIK have carved out a reputation as kings of the special edition style in recent seasons. In 2018 they unveiled all black and all white kits to wear in pre-season, and once they'd clinched the title they dropped a "Black/Gold" celebratory shirt – all three of which sold out in minutes. That was followed up by the simply stunning black edition and white edition drops in 2019, launched to celebrate their first league title in nine years, so when you hear that they’re at it again, and this time for what is such a big occasion for the club, well, put it this way: you have our undivided attention AIK…

But it sounds like this one is set to once again be very limited in number, with the caption, in Swedish, reading: "With style for 130 years. At 16:00 tomorrow, CXXX Edition will be released in 130 copies." Fingers at the ready tomorrow then...

You snooze, you lose with this one. Be ready tomorrow if you want a chance of getting your hands on this class offering.

Daniel Jones

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