Embracing a new era for the club, Swedish side AIK have collaborated with Nike to produce a limited release 'Black Pack' collection. Ranging from on pitch attire to straight up streetwear, it's an inspired drop that looks into the future with inspiration from the past.

In 1901 AIK changed their image. Losing the use of bright colours they went tonal. Since then, time has seen their kit and colours go through various phases. Taking back control and locking down a ruthless style, the club recently teamed up with Nike to release an all black collection. Stretching from a match kit through to off pitch attire, the full collection is as classy as they come and as a result, the club have propelled themselves to the front of the queue where football crosses path with style. A commanding look and one almighty way to make your mark back on the scene, AIK just rustled up a new wave of fans.

body 1.jpg
body 2.jpg

So what's the deal? Well this is a special edition kit. It doesn't replace the club's home or away attire for the 2018 season, but will feature in cup and pre-season fixtures as the Stockholm based side gear up for a new season. Simply celebrating times gone by but in brilliant fashion, it's got everything to play for.

Put us down for seven, yeah? One for every day of the week, at least. You can see the full collection here.