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Photographer Captures AIK’s Latest Limited Edition Kit Debut On 127-Year-Old Camera

A special shirt requires an equally special presentation. For AIK, that meant framing the debut of their new limited edition Allsvenskan 100-Year anniversary kit in a beautifully bespoke fashion fitting of the kit itself. For that they called upon Pro:Direct Soccer and the services of vintage photographer, Miles Myerscough-Harris.

AIK recently revealed and debuted their latest special edition kit, released in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the Allsvenskan league. As part of that kit reveal, Pro:Direct Soccer partnered with the club and vintage photographer, Miles Myerscough-Harris, aka Expired Film Club, to capture the Svenska Cupen match against Örebro in a fittingly unique fashion: using 100-year-old film and a 127-year-old camera.

Myerscough-Harris recently posted on his Instagram account asking what he should shoot on a 100-year old reel of film. As sometimes happens in this world, the stars just so happened to align perfectly, with AIK releasing their new kit, itself celebrating 100 years of the Allsvenskan. And the folk at Pro:Direct Soccer were quick to make the connection, linking the two parties up for an iconic piece of content creation. Just so happened that Myerscough-Harris also had a collection of old cameras too and he was looking for a project to use one on. And it ended up being this 127 year old camera.

The cup kit – beautifully simplistic in its execution – was inspired by the one worn by the AIK team back in 1924, with a stripped back, retro presentation. And as part of documenting the occasion, the team photo from 100 years ago was recreated with the current team; a move made all the more authentic by the shooting techniques used by Myerscough-Harris, his 100-year old film and his 100-year old camera, the results of which you can see below.

aik 1-min.jpg
aik 2-min.jpg
aik 5-min.jpg
aik 6-min.jpg

As well as those few vintage snaps, Myerscough-Harris also went on to take plenty of other shots of the game, of which you can check out a selection below.

aik 17-min.jpg
aik 16-min.jpg
aik 15-min.jpg
aik 12-min.jpg
aik 8-min.jpg
aik 7-min.jpg
aik 13-min.jpg
aik 9-min.jpg
aik 11-min.jpg
aik 10-min.jpg
aik 14-min.jpg

There’s only 133 units of the cup jersey available, as the club celebrates 133 years in 1924, but you can shop the wider collection from tomorrow, 27 February, at

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