It’s St. Georges Day, and to mark the occasion the FA have partnered with poet Hussain Manawer to produce ‘This is England’, a tribute that celebrates our country and its frontline workers during this difficult time.

To celebrate St.George’s Day, Hussain Manawer has penned a new poem to mark England's national day in 2020. The British poet, writer and actor has strong ties within the footballing world and particularly England having performed in front of the squad at St George’s Park, meeting the likes of Tyrone Mings, Harry Winks and Tammy Abraham, while he’s also hooked up with Dele Ali for episode 3 of our very own SoccerBible Sessions series.

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The poem, with its various footballing nods, overlays a powerful combination of visuals, including the England men's and women's teams intermingled with the country's response to the current lockdown. Together they showcase and celebrate the strength of the nation during the coronavirus crisis.

This is England
During a crisis
A nation united.
This is England.
66 million from thousands of communities.
That's our heart-line.
We say thank you to the NHS and all the key workers.
We hold high our multi-cultural frontline
Because this is England.
Where we take the spirit of the Three Lions.
That's stitched right above the heart on our fabric.
Where we sit as a family and go old school with video cassette tapes
Getting lost in all the home-made classics.
This is England.
We stand with the rest of the world
On psychologically figuring out ways to get through this.
So therefore our formation has developed a few new tactics
And, until the whistle goes, we keep the faith.
Exactly like when we’re watching the players in the matches.
And the sun is in the sky with us too.
Now we all know that's magic.
Because this is England.
Where we sing and we pray and we hope.
Where we give, we stand together and we know
That this is England.
During a crisis
A nation united.
This is England.

Indeed it is. Happy St. George's Day everyone.