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adidas Release 'David Beckham: My Unfair Advantage' Film

David Beckham kicks off a new short film series from adidas titled 'My Unfair Advantage' as the former England captain reflects on a moment on-pitch that defined his game and shaped his career. A moment that taught him to always play without fear, an attribute he believes gave him an advantage and ultimately one of the reasons he became one of the world's best.

This is the first of a number of short films in the 'My Unfair Advantage' series from adidas that will see some of the world's best Predator players reflect on the moments that hav​e defined their game. For Beckham, he pinpoints the red card he received against Argentina during the 1998 World Cup knock-out stages, discussing the effect the extreme negative backlash had on him on and off the pitch.


"It was hostile when I arrived back in England. When you go through something like that you start doubting yourself, no matter how much support you have," Beckham explained, before going on to say he didn't let that negativity affect his game and ultimately in the end, equipped him to be fearless upon his return four years later where he scored the winning penalty against Argentina in the 2002 World Cup – a huge moment for him personally, which he says help wipe everything away. 

Stay tuned for more episodes in the adidas "My Unfair Advantage" series...


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