PUMA were left a bit red-faced at the weekend after their new Hi-Vis 'Pink Alert' ball for La Liga's winter months has been scrapped after one weekend after players, fans and television viewers complained about its poor visibility. Yeah, it's doing the complete opposite of what it's meant to do.

The ball was set to be used from the last weekend in October right through until the end of February but after the unanimous feedback from La Liga it's been scrapped as the main ball and will now only be used in 'extreme meteorological circumstances' which is basically snow. Of course, when the ball is still on the grass it's highly visible, but when it starts moving and bouncing in front of the crowd backdrop the problems seems to occur.


Levante's Ruben Vezo and Espanyol Facundo Ferreyra battle for the ball on Saturday...

Ok, it ain't that bad. But the main complaint was that fans claimed it was difficult to follow the flight of the ball during games, which despite La Liga confirming that they failed to receive any official complaints from any of their member clubs, resulted in the 'Pink Alert' ball being withdrawn. Bit of a collector's item now, and it's back to the white one, unless the snow comes.