Nike continue the onslaught of inspiring ads ahead of the Women’s World Cup, this time focusing on the story of Brazil forward Andrea Alves in a short video titled “The Doll I Never Asked For.” The ad once again focuses on empowerment, laying down the challenge that “when the world plays against you, you show them what a dream can do.”

Like most women in Brazil and around the world, Andressa, a forward for the Brazilian National Team, was always given dolls as a child. Not because she wanted them, but simply because she was a girl. At the time, little Andressa, who was crazy about football, dealt with this by transforming her dolls into something more to her liking: the heads of the dolls became the future star’s first footballs. And this is the focus of the video, which follows recent films in the 'Just Do It' campaign in the build up to the Women's World Cup in France.

In addition to the film, the doll that was transformed into a ball has taken shape and come to life in the hands of the artist Elisa Sassi. She created an ideal doll for a new generation of girls who love sports: a ball-shaped doll that can be used to play soccer. Samples have been sent exclusively to players, influencers and women engaged and associated with the development of women's soccer in Brasil.

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My story with the dolls is something that still happens today with many girls, but I have always been lucky to have the support of my parents. I’m happy to be able to discuss this issue and I hope that I can serve as an inspiration so girls don’t give up on their dreams,” Andressa Alves explains. “People need to understand that we are as passionate about sports as men and I’m sure that this initiative will bear fruit for the future of women’s soccer,” concludes the Barcelona star.

Brazil get their World Cup campaign underway against Jamaica on 9 June.