To commemorate Franceโ€™s second-ever World Cup win, Paul Pogba has bought personalised NBA-style championship rings for each member of the 2018 World Cup winning French squad.

Pogba had the rings commissioned by Jason of Beverley Hills, who have previously provided ice to the likes of Drake-founded record label, OVO Sound, and Lebron James. Along with the diamond encrusted Tricolore face, the ring also includes some great touches, such as the scores in each of their knockout games on one side, along with the name and squad number of the ringโ€™s owner on the other.

Championship rings are more commonly reserved for triumphs in American sports, with superstars using them to showcase a win in the NBA and NFL, but this is the first time rings have ever been made up for players of a World Cup-winning side.

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Pogba handed out the personalised Championship rings to his team mates as they met up for international duty this week. The move is a nice touch from the Manchester United midfielder who said: "It's a small gesture after winning a World Cup with great players.ย I consider them my family. It's a small gift from me. A small gesture like that is nothing because a World Cup is for life. This ring you can lose, but the World Cup you do not lose that.โ€

Nice to have friends like Pogba...