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Paul Pogba Receives Customised adidas Sobakov Sneakers

The World Cup rewards keep coming for Paul Pogba as adidas deliver a customised Sobakov sneaker to the Manchester United midfielder. The two star trend continues in bespoke style, complete with personalised presentation case.

Pogba took to Instagram to film himself opening the package, which is a one-off box designed with Pogba's name and squad number accompanied by two stars to recognise the French World Cup successes in 1998 and 2018. Inside the presentation case Pogba pulled out a pair of special edition Sobakov sneakers with the French tricolour on the Predator Precision-styled stripes.


The Sobakov sneaker has quickly become one of the most popular football-inspired streetwear options that blends the worlds of lifestyle and performance with its Predator stripes and casual aesthetic. Pogba's exclusive design feature a smart cream suede upper that allows the colours of the French flag to pop.

Pogba also received a replica of the 2018 World Cup Final Telstar 18 ball, once again with two stars and the details of the fixture, location and date against Croatia.

The adidas Sobakov for Pogba is expected to be a one-off, but adidas have yet to confirm that.


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