New York Menswear Designer Willy Chavarria joins forces with Danish sportswear giants, hummel for a unique collaboration that identifies soccer as a global unifier of people, transcending race and class to present one of the most striking concept collections to date.

The WILLY CHAVARRIA X hummel collection is identified by the numbers 5683, which translates to the word L-O-V-E on the US digital keypad, and it features hummel’s iconic chevrons on striking over-sized pieces along with re-interpretations of both the Willy Chavarria and hummel logos in a blend of red, white and black colourways.

The release is accompanied by the the campaign ‘Spread the 5683’ in support of the dignity of immigrants living in the United States including a special spotlight on those who play soccer. 

Hummel 5050 1-min.jpg
Hummel 5050 2-min.jpg

The WILLY CHAVARRIA x hummel collaboration’s support of soccer as a global unifier of people has been cemented by hummel’s sponsorship of the Rooklyn International Football Association (RIFA), a collective of both documented and non-documented US citizens who were used to model the campaign and who were the first to wear the range back in November 2018.

The number 5683 (LOVE) reflects hummel’s, Willy Chavarria’s and RIFA’s shared effort to create and share a more embracing and tolerant tone in the current global immigration debate. Powerful stuff.

Hummel 5050 4-min.jpg
Hummel 5050 3-min.jpg
Hummel 5050 5-min.jpg
hummel 5050 6-min.jpg
Hummel 5050 7-min.jpg
Hummel 5050 8-min.jpg

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