Owning space in cities is something we see more and more brands doing though by scraping the skies and embracing an undercurrent of fresh culture, PUMA hosted an 'Uprising' event in London yesterday. Naturally the small sided, inner city and urban game was what was championed here and inviting a selection of London's strongest prospect players it was about hitting literal heights as PUMA look to embrace the 'future' of the game.

PUMA have been going about their business in their own way of late. Instead of focusing on competitors, the brand has moved to take their own path and stand out in  a bespoke direction. That mentality has gone across all outputs where football is concerned and from Marseille kit launches through to AC Milan link ups, it's clear to see that they're all about shaping a style unique to themselves. This event followed suit and as well as inviting influential players from the streets of London, the brand also brought a number of potential household names into the mix. 

puma uprising event portrait_0001_PUMALEVELSJACKO-64.jpg
puma uprising event portrait_0023_PUMALEVELSJACKO-12.jpg
puma uprising_0010_PUMALEVELSJACKO-56.jpg
puma uprising event portrait_0028_PUMALEVELSJACKO-1.jpg
puma uprising event portrait_0020_PUMALEVELSJACKO-26.jpg

PUMA have put 'New Levels' at the heart of their strategy and by embracing the contemporary generation, the brand is being reshaped to have more focus on the people at the heart of football culture in their respective locations. One almighty backdrop and a sun-kissed setting, the event turned small-sided tournament gave players a chance to put their best on show whilst suiting up in the latest product from the house of PUMA. The PUMA Future and PUMA ONE boots both brightening up the show.

puma uprising event portrait_0025_PUMALEVELSJACKO-8.jpg
puma uprising event portrait_0012_PUMALEVELSJACKO-37.jpg
puma uprising_0021_PUMALEVELSJACKO-39.jpg
puma uprising event portrait_0019_PUMALEVELSJACKO-27.jpg
puma uprising event portrait_0009_PUMALEVELSJACKO-43.jpg
puma uprising_0039_PUMALEVELSJACKO-6.jpg
puma uprising event portrait_0002_PUMALEVELSJACKO-61.jpg
puma uprising event portrait_0004_PUMALEVELSJACKO-59.jpg

A lace 'em up how you like approach, the brand have looked to the future and challenged players on the street as well as stadium to shape it in the way they want. It's a fresh and unique way to play out the game and mixing a strong look with football flavour. This event set a tone on the eve of a new Premier League season and it's from here we expect more flair from the brand. Luis Suarez looking like the next player to propel the brand, it's all about them 'new levels'.