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Are Arsenal In Talks With adidas Over Kit Deal?

Arsenal's current kit deal with PUMA expires at the end of next season, and according to tabloid reports the Gunners are in talks with adidas over a new £40m-a-year partnership that would come in to play from the beginning of the 2019/20 season.

With the current PUMA contract approaching its final season it's only natural that the club would begin to sound out a better deal and it appears adidas are the most interested party. Arsenal's existing deal with PUMA is worth £30m a season, and the brand are understood to have the option to match any offer made by a competitor.


PUMA have announced that they've agreed a deal with AC Milan next season so they may be looking to off-load Arsenal, especially if the Gunners fail to qualify for the Champions League next season. The reported £40m a year deal from adidas is still significantly less than Manchester United's £75m a year from the Three Stripes, and Chelsea's £60m a year from Nike.

A £40m a year deal would however better Tottenham's and Man City's deals with Nike, leaving those Champions League clubs with a big bargaining chip to increase their current contracts.


After losing Chelsea to Nike, adidas will be keen to recruit back a leading London club to have a presence in the capital. Tottenham and Chelsea have already signed new contracts with Nike, leaving Arsenal as a remaining option.

Arsenal donned the Three Stripes throughout the 1980s and early 90s, with adidas creating some of the most iconic kits in the club's history. A return to adidas would no doubt be welcomed by Arsenal fans, but in an era where money allows you to compete, it'll undoubtably be the highest bidder that wins.


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