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'Shoe Gaze' Heads to 'The Art of the Football Shirt' Exhibition

A curated feast of creative football, 'The Art of the Football Shirt' Exhibition by Neal Heard unlocked a world where the football shirt can thrive in a streetwear environment. Taking his 'Shoe Gaze' series behind the scenes of the exhibition it goes into the detail of the shapes, stripes and chevrons that pattern many of the shirts on display.

On a mission to move away from retro gawping and embrace a new culture that has taken football shirt under it's wing, the exhibition landed in the middle of fashion trade show Jacket Required. It's a sign of the times and of the trends that showcases where football finds itself off the pitch. A contemporary piece of attire that is no longer confined to pubs or terraces, or pitches or parks - it now lives on the street and has been adopted by fashion tastemakers across the globe. What's more, this exhibition didn't alienate a crowd who have a soft spot for kitted garms. Moreover, it served as an education and a chance to enlighten while enjoying great kits from seasons gone by.

Art of the football shirt shoe gaze.jpg

The beauty of football shirts, much like a postcard, is that they capture and era and a memory. Each one has countless sentimental attachments that range from match winning moments to relegation fodder - the shirt has the ability to instantly bring back a feeling and transport the mind to the time when one might have seen said shirt at any given time. No matter if there's heavy sponsors or sewn on crests, detailed textures or tactile oddities, each one, each season is different though preserved in the footballing mind for many a moon. 'Shoe Gaze' explores the back story to the event and with Neal as Curator of the event going through the shirts, there's a unique perspective to enjoy with this video.

Art of the football shirt shoe gaze 2.jpg

Over 150 shirts in shot and very much going the distance in showing just how diverse the design side of the game can be, it's a creative look at the game that goes through the impact of music and art with football fashion running throughout. You can see more 'Shoe Gaze' episodes here.


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