Launching a collaborative release, Neal Heard took to London's Dukes Cupboard to drop the beats and threads as the pairing, inspired by Polo archives, kicked off a party where football meets lifestyle.

Stylised football with a lifestyle edge and a strong look, the shirt is dipped into the streetwear scene while mixing the classic football shirt layout. Lovers F.C. is Neal Heard's brand that blends a strong sentiment for football shirts gone by while inspiring the kit of the future. Very much about commanding a tailored look whilst offering a subtle nod to the game, this particular release is a limited edition drop in collaboration with London based vintage outfitters Dukes Cupboard.

portrait 1.jpg
portrait 2.jpg

Oversized sponsor served on a premium white base, it's the subtle use of red and blue that pay homage to old school polo wears. You can suit up in the Lovers F.C. Dukes Cupboard shirt here.