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Tango Squad | From London to LA

Earning their stripes and heading from London to LA, the winners of the UK 2017 Tango League headed to the City of Angels in the build up to the global finale of the tournament. Packed and ready and heading stateside, check out how their journey unfolded.

It's taken months of prep, hours of game time and all the steel needed to graft their way to the final of the global adidas Tango League. The finalists from the tournament earned their place and a chance to head out to LA. Flying on the shoulder as they touched down on the West Coast, their travels have been documented and the details celebrated.

With adidas pulling out all the stops ahead of their global final showdown, the squad travelled through Los Angeles, to the Hollywood Hills and even hooked up with the likes of bight timers Dwight Yorke, Bryan Robson, Mikael Silvestre and Dennis Irwin as the former Manchester United stars took the players through their paces.

Not short of scenes, it's a hard earned victory for this troop of Tango ballers. Bringing their game to the streets and picking up the party in LA, it's an enviable prize that will set the standard for next season. For now, their time in the spotlight comes with an almighty backdrop as the Tango finale looks set to take flight.


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