What were you doing when you were nine-years-old? Eating bugs, mud and lego? Yeah, same. Not Shane Kluivert though, he's just signed his first sportswear contract with Nike at the Swoosh's European Headquarters.

Kluivert? Yep, Shane is the son of former Barca and Ajax striker, Patrick. He also plays for Paris Saint-Germain and is just generally one stylish son of a gun, you'll already know that if you follow him on Instagram. Yeah, he's got Instagram too, with 200k followers. At nine-years-old.

It's worth mentioning that Shane's father and brother are already signed up with Nike, so he had a pretty serious foot in the door already. Still, nine-years-old. Start 'em early eh? The full details of Shane's Nike contract are undisclosed, but we'd expect him be sorted out with clothing and boots and maybe the odd bag of Hairbo for being a good boy. The big £££'s will come if his career progresses.