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Qatar World Cup 2022 Stadium to be Built From Shipping Containers

Remember when the Qatar 2022 World Cup was announced? It was so far into the future it felt like it would never materialise. Well it's happening, and it ain't that far away. Oh, and one of the stadiums is going to be created from shipping containers if you're alright with that?

Much of Qatar 2022 remains a mystery with the focus very much on Russia 2018, but what we do now know is that one 40,000 seat modular stadium will be built wholly from shipping containers. Presumably to allow extra space for the factor 50 sun cream should any British nation qualify. The plans, revealed by Fenwick Iribarren Architects, are for an eco-friendly circular structure that'll be built on site at the Doha waterfront over the next three years.

The stadium, thanks to the modular design, will possess the ability to be disassembled and reassembled at will depending on the event. An incredible concept if legit, and one way to avoid numerous stadiums left derelict once the World Cup circus has rolled out of town. 


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